Colon Hydrotherapy; An Interview

October 28, 2009

Listen here for an interview with certified colon hydrotherapist Terrye Baker.  A transcript of the interview is included below.


Terrye Baker is a certified colon hydrotherapist in Atascadero, Calif.  Recently I went to her office to sit in on a colon hydrotherapy session—also known as a colonic—and to ask her a few questions about the process.  The noise you hear in the background is the massager Terrye uses on her clients’ stomachs during colonics.


Me:  Okay, so would you mind explaining to me how colon hydrotherapy works; what is a colonic, exactly?


Terrye:             The colonic is a gentle cleansing of the colon with warm filtered water.  It does help to remove excess feces and gas that is trapped in the colon, sometimes for years.  Upon detoxing the colon, it allows the body—all of the organs and the liver especially – to start working at a higher level, because it is the liver that tells the colon what to do.  So, when our liver is very toxic it does cause the colon not to work as well as it should be working.  By flushing out all of the old toxins that we carry around, most people will experience a higher level of energy; they’ll sleep better, feel lighter, cleaner; more of a feeling of well-being.


M:  Okay, so would you mind detailing what happens during a procedure for someone?


T:            Okay.  It is a very professional procedure; you are covered up the whole time.  There is a small speculum that is inserted into the rectum and you’re slowly filled with warm filtered water.  As soon as you started feeling pressure or fullness, I’ll turn the water off and open the release.  And, I do use a closed system so everything comes out through the tube, through the machine, and into the sewer.  It is not an uncomfortable procedure unless you have a lot of gas; and then it can be a little bit cramping but overall it isn’t uncomfortable.  You will most of the time feel a lot better afterwards; and, any cramping that does happen during the procedure stops immediately when we’re done with the colonic.


M:  If people do feel bad afterwards, you know, have die-off reactions, would you say that’s from the detoxification that’s occurred from the procedure, you know, from cleaning all of that out of the body?


T:            Well, because it is a really fast detox and everybody is different, there are different feelings afterwards.  Some people will feel a little bit of gas afterwards and that happens because the stirring up of toxins from the water in and out can cause a lot of gas that is trapped along the colon wall to escape, and when that happens there is some gas after the treatment.  Usually when that happens I’ll advise they take some activated charcoal, and usually that’ll absorb the gas and it’ll be gone by the next morning.


M:  So, why would somebody want to get a colonic, exactly?


T:            Well, I see a lot of people who are on cleanses of their own, and anytime you do a colonic along with a colon cleanse, or a liver cleanse, or any kind of a systemic cleanse, a head to toe kind of cleanse that will treat parasites, or the liver or kidney, heavy metals, anything like that, (the colonic) will actually take that cleanse to a deeper level.  Just by detoxing the colon, it allows everything else to move out a little more freely.  Another reason, even if you’re not on a cleanse, what happens is that as we carry around—most people are carrying around about 15 lbs of excess poop in their colon on average, and lot of people are carrying around much more than that—but what happens is that everything is detoxed through the liver and put into the colon to be eliminated.  If it doesn’t get eliminated, if you have a little bit of chronic constipation or if the colon just isn’t working in a timely way, what happens is that those toxins will back up into the liver and as our blood is circulating through the liver, now the blood is dirty.  So it circulates through the body through the other organs, and eventually it does compromise the immune system.  So when they say that all disease starts in the colon, that’s what they’re referring to; when we’re not keeping our colons working in a good way– so that last night’s dinner should be the next morning’s bowel movement—when things aren’t working in a timely way, it does cause a lot of toxins to build up in are bodies.  There are a lot of complications that occur because of that, so just by hydrating the colon with the water and moving the toxins out, it does help everything to work at a higher level, which helps the aging process; and– you know I don’t promote it as a weight-loss tool– but it can, if people will make the lifestyle changes and cut back on their constipating foods and increase their salads and fruits and vegetables and all of the good things that we need to eat everyday, weight loss is just something that happens…. But it’s not something I promote.  It’s just more of a wellness treatment.


M:  Well, thanks very much for answering my questions and agreeing to be recorded.

T:  It was my pleasure.

M: I’m sure!  (Laughing)  Thank you.


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